Where To Find Lantern Elden Ring? How To Get Latern In Elden Ring?

Find Lantern Elden Ring


Where to Find Lantern Elden Ring. Lanterns are an essential tool that can help you navigate dark places. Continue reading to learn more about Where To Find Lantern Elden Ring.

Lantern Elden Ring

Elden Ring’s Lantern is a utility. A lantern can be attached to the waist of the player to illuminate the surrounding area.

The advantage of this Lantern is that the user can use it without holding it.

These tools are unique, reusable devices that assist players, including essential communication and assistance with boss fights.

Lantern Elden Ring Description

A small, waist-worn lantern that lights up the surroundings.

Turn it on once, then turn it off again.

Although its light is dimmer than a torch’s, it offers the user the benefit of using the device without having to hold it.

Find Lantern Elden Ring

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Where to Find Lantern Elden Rings?

Elden Ring will be looking for any things that could help them in their journey across The Lands Between. You can also find valuable goods, such as the Lantern, that can be used to illuminate even the most darkened areas.

FromSoftware’s first game, Elden Ring, has a day-night cycle. You’ll be able to see the day turning to midday and then tonight if you remain out in the open for long enough. Some parts of the world could be very dark.

This is particularly true for the game’s tunnels and caverns. They lack light and are ideal for surprise attacks. You can eliminate any light sources, such as campfires, and you will be left to survive in darkness.

You could bring out a torch, but it would mean you would lose one of your hands that could be used to protect or defend. A lantern is an attractive, low-maintenance solution to darkness.

If you are interested in adding a Lantern to your collection, we can show you where to find it and how to get it.

What’s the advantage of a Lantern over a Torch?

The torch’s Lantern is the same as the Lantern except that it lights the surrounding area, making tunnels and other dungeons much easier to navigate.

Because it doesn’t require holding, the Lantern is more versatile than a torch. You can carry two weapons at once or dual-wield weapons with one hand.

The Lantern can be attached to your waist easily by simply using it. You can quickly access the Lantern by assigning it to one of your quick-access slots.

The Lantern will not disappear from your collection. However, you will need to re-equip it regularly. You can turn the Lantern on or off using a switch.

It illuminates your surroundings and allows you to use your hands to carry a weapon or shield. The Lantern is an indispensable tool for any expedition. It doesn’t need to be complicated to get one.

Where To Find Lantern in Elden Ring?

You can purchase the Lantern in Elden Ring in either one of these locations. The fee for the Lantern in Elden Ring is affordable, especially if you have spent a lot of time playing the game. These are the locations where you can find the Lantern:

  • Isolated merchant in the Weeping peninsula to the south Limgrave
  • Nomadic merchant in Liurnia of the Lakes north of Limgrave

Both merchants sell the Lantern for 1,800 Runes. This Lantern is a great value for money if you have been playing for some time. If you don’t have the cash, consider farming foes or using a Golden Rune.

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Find Lantern Elden Ring FAQ

The lantern from Elden Ring can be found where?

A nomadic merchant sells the lantern for 1,800 Runes. You can find the merchant next to Liurnia Lake Shore Sites of Grace in Liurnia East. This area is located north of Limgrave and can be reached after defeating Godrick or getting on the other side Stormveil Castle.

How do you turn the lantern Elden Ring on?

It is best to put it in your satchel by opening the character menu. The 4 boxes are located at the top of the screen. You can easily turn the lantern on or off by using one of the hotkeys, such as Y, Triangle, and the D-Pad.

How can you summon Elden Rings?

How can you summon spirits in Elden Ring You now have the bell and the first spirit. Now you can bind the spirit to your belt or pouch for easy access. Your character will pull out and summon the spirits .

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