Genshin Impact best Yun Jin build, weapons, Yun Jin F2P options

Genshin Impact best Yun Jin Introduction

Yun Jin’s first run is coming soon. The best Yun Jin build in Genshin Impact makes your party a formidable support warrior that can hold her own in fights, if used properly

Yun Jin might need to pay attention to her own offensive, but she can help your most powerful hitters perform better on the field.

When will Genshin Impact Yun Jin be released?

The Genshin Impact’s 2.6 update is in its first half. She is part of the Double Wish event and appears alongside Sucrose and Xiangling on Venti’s re-run and Kamisato’s banner.

Is Yun Jin a DPS character?

Yes, but not as the main DPS. The shield created by her Elemental skill deals Geo damage and the Flying Flag Formation burst increases her normal attack potential. It only lasts for Yun Jin to charge her Skill. The shield is meant to protect her during the charge.

Genshin Impact best Yun Jin build

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What are the Yun Jin materials?

Yun Jin uses Glaze Lily as well as mask-series items. The former is more common in Liyue, while the latter is not so common. Riftborn Regalia is the most notable material, which can only be obtained by defeating Inazuma’s Golden Wolford.

Yun Jin’s talent materials include mask items as well as a Diligence-series book and Ashen Heart item, which you will get after defeating La Signora.

Which Yun Jin design is best in Genshin Impact’s Yun Jin?

You can make the opera warrior around her Elemental Skill or Geo damage. However, the best way to flatten enemies is through her Burst. This increases Yun Jin’s attack based on her defence.

Which is the best Yun Jin weapon to use?

The Staff of Homa is our top choice for Yun Jin’s weapon, but it was not meant for her. It boosts HP and her Skill shield.

But, more importantly, it increases the user’s attack based upon their HP. If the wielder’s HP falls below half, the multiplier will increase to 1%.

Skyward Spine offers a simpler, better alternative. It improves the user’s critical hit rates and normal attack speed, as well as increases Energy Recharge.

Which are the most valuable Yun Jin Artifacts

This build is well-suited for Husk of Opulent Dreams.

  • 2-piece effect: Increase defence up to 30%
  • 4-piece effect: Geo attacks grant Curiosity stacks that increase the user’s Geo damage and defence by 6% each.

You can swap the 4-piece set for Lucky Dog (which raises defence by 100), or Martial Artist which raises normal attack by 15%.

Skyward Spine users might want to try Husk of Opulent Dreams or the Scholar/Exile 2-piece set. This raises Energy Recharge.

Which Yun Jin F2P build is your favourite?

The Yun Jin F2P build has both a focus on her normal attack as well as an Energy Recharge bonus.

Best Yun Jin weapon to F2P

This build is dominated by Prototype Starglitter. The passive ability of the forgeable weapon boosts energy recharge by its secondary stat.

Normal and charged attack damage are boosted by 6-12% for six-second every time the wielder applies an Elemental Skill. 

This effect stacks twice and you can craft the weapon to make it easier to reach the higher levels of the passive skill.

Best Yun Jin Artifacts For F2P

The Artifact sets for this build are basically the same as those of the other builds: Husk of Opulent Dreams combined with Martial Artist or Scholar or Lucky Dog, as you choose.

Which Yun Jin party comp is the best?

Yun Jin’s passive talent Breaking Conventions makes it very difficult to pair her up with another Geo character, or even two Element characters. 

Depending on the number of Elemental types in your party, Breaking Conventions can increase her normal attack boost by 2.5%/5%/7.5%/11.5%.

Yun Jin’s Burst makes Yun Jin a great fit for almost any party. To help your character hit harder, you could choose a fast hitter like Ayaka or Kazuha.

Yun Jin is best at the frontlines so you will need a healer. While Kokomi and Barbara are good choices, we prefer Bennett. His Burst can heal if needed, but it also gives you an additional attack boost.

You can still catch up on Genshin Impact characters by looking at our build guides Itto or Gorou. If you intend to use them.

the Mondstadt crew will also need plenty of Valberry or Philanemo mushrooms. If you are still unsure about Yun Jin, save your Primogems to be ready for the next Genshin Impact banners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which artifact is best for Yun Jin?

Genshin Impact: Best Yun Jin Artifacts
miHoYo This is the best Yun Jin build. It uses defensive and Geo-damage Artifact sets. The Husk Of Opulent Dreams set is the best Yun Jin build. It increases her defense by 30% and gives her stacks upon Curiosity.

Is Yun Jin a good DPS?

Is Yun Jin a DPS character? Yes. But not as a main DPS. The shield created by her Elemental skill deals Geo damage and the Flying Flag Formation burst increases her normal attack potential. It only lasts for Yun Jin to charge her Skill. The shield is meant to protect her during the charge.

Is Yun Jin good Genshin Impact?

Yun Jin, a remarkable support character is able to buff your team’s normal attacks. She plays a lot like Beidou, but with perfect counter stuff.

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