Pokemon Go: how many Pokemon are there in the game’s Pokedex?

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Long gone are the days when it was easy to list every creature in Pokemon Go. The game now has a lot of Pokemon – in fact, the number of species is greater than ever.

However, it can be difficult to count the exact numbers. The Pokedex does not have the same number of variants. 

Different Pokemon may have regional variations that are totally different from one another, but they share the same Pokedex number. 

Some Pokemon have multiple forms that share the same Pokedex number. Eevee is one of these people. He uses a variety of Eevee evolutions to make each Pokemon unique.

This makes counting them all quite difficult. Once you add all the Pokemon types to the mix, it becomes quite challenging to keep track of everything. Here’s a quick overview to give you an idea of the current number.

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What number of Pokemon in Pokemon Go home?

It is difficult to determine how far you can go in your Pokedex. The way you view it will affect how it looks. This number is constantly changing as new Pokemon are added to Pokemon Go.

However, currently has 680-700 Pokemon in Pokemon Go. This doesn’t include regional variants, Pokemon that come in multiple forms, and Mega Pokemon.

This makes Pokemon Go approximately two-thirds through all Pokemon available in the Pokemon Universe so far. On the main Nintendo console Pokemon games.

there is a grand total of 898 Pokemon in ‘National Pokedex, the complete listing of all Pokemon in existence. 

This doesn’t include different types of Pokemon that share the same Pokedex number. Over time, Pokemon Go will add more of the nearly 900 Pokemon.

Some Pokemon have regional variations based on their origin. Meowth, for example, is Pokedex #052.

it also has Galarian and Alolan regional variants that share the same Pokedex numbers but are completely different. 

Mega Pokemon, which are highly evolved versions of already existing Pokemon, have multiple versions, such as Castform.

If you are a completist, you may want to focus on getting all the Mega Evolutions. Once you have all that in, you will be looking at over 700 species of Pokemon.

Pokemon can be divided into generations. Each generation represents the console in which each Pokemon first appeared. 

There are eight generations of Pokemon. All eight generations of Pokemon are now available in Pokemon Go. 

Although some of the representatives from Generation 6, 7, and 8 are present in Pokemon Go, they are less common than others – and will continue to be added as time goes by.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play Pokemon Go while not walking?

You can, in short. You can play Pokemon Go with software if you’re in isolation or at other times when you cannot get outside. However, Niantic began soft banning players who used these tools as a result of the many users.

Is Pokemon Go going to be discontinued?

Pokemon GO will no longer support devices with the following operating systems: Android5. iOS 10.

How do I play Pokemon Go at home?

Pokemon Go without walking

  1. Step 1: Users will first need to enable Developer Mode from Settings on their mobile device.
  2. Step 2: Next, they will need to install Fake GPS GO’s location spoofer application.
  3. Step 3: You can download this from the Google Play Store.

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