Elden Ring Falling Star Location: Where to Meet Blaidd After Fighting Radahn

Radahn Elden Ring Information


After the defeat of Starscourge Radahn Elden Ring, an entirely new zone will be created on the maps. When you’ve gone on Ranni’s questline within Elden Ring,

you probably were fortunate enough to have Blaidd accompany you in the battle against Radahn. After defeating Radahn, Blaid will tell you to go to “where the falling star bit the Earth.”

Blaidd does not give you directions which means you don’t know where you are expected to find Blaidd following the defeat of Radahn and where exactly you can discover Elden Ring? Falling Star in Elden Ring?

Where is the Falling Star in Elden Ring?

The spot “where the Falling Star bit the Earth” in Elden Ring is just south of the Mistwood in Limgrave. If you speed travel through Fort Haight, Fort Haight Site of Grace, shown on the map below.

you’ll see odd floating rock formations floating on top of a vast deep crater located in the direction of the west. This is where the fallen star fell after defeating Radahn and leads to Nokron, the Eternal City.

If you go to Nokron the town, you’ll be in a position to follow Ranni’s story however, you might be a bit difficult to locate your dog’s companion when you reach. Blaidd has always been difficult to locate However, this time things are different.

Elden Ring Falling Star Location

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Where is Blaidd at the Falling Star?

While he stated that he would meet you at Nokron, Blaidd is nowhere to be seen in Nokron. 

Blaidd won’t be with you in any way in the Nokron portion of the quest, and you’ll have to find Blaidd later after you’ve completed Ranni’s quest. 

you will be able to locate Blaidd in another location prior to finishing Nokron and you’ll have to travel a bit away from the path.

Where to Find Blaidd After Radahn?

If you speak with Blacksmith Iji at the Road to the Manor Site of Grace in Liurnia He will explain that the Blaidd is assigned to an urgent task and that’s the reason the he couldn’t accompany you to Nokron. However, something isn’t quite right there. 

If you visit Blaidd’s first meeting place within the Mistwood and you’ll see the fact that he wrote a note to you with the words “There’s a traitor that I’m taking by. Moving on to Nokron Then. Continue on. I’ll catch up.”

It appears that Blaidd had planned towards you in Nokron but how did it happen that he ended up there? You can visit Limgrave.

you will find the Forlorn Hound Evergaol located in Limgrave in the same spot in which you as well as Blaidd battled Bloodhound Knight Darriwil in the beginning of his quest You will see Blaidd there. 

Find the center in the Evergaol and you’ll get an opportunity to speak with Blaidd. He’ll tell you what happened to him and Iji before he’ll inform you that he’s coming to visit Ranni.

At this stage, Blaidd’s questline is in a state of limbo for now as you wrap up your journey with Ranni. 

When you’ve finished Ranni’s quest you’ll be able go back to Ranni’s Rise once more to meet with Blaidd and find out what he’s been doing throughout the time.

Elden Ringis available today for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Elden Ring Falling Star Location

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Frequently Asked Questions

The star was where it did go into Elden Ring?

The star was sighted near the north of Mistwood Ruins, in the southeast region of Limgrave. It is possible to go towards the south to Limgrave’s Third Church of Marika, or northwards via Fort Haight West.

The meteor’s location is unclear. hit on the Elden Ring?

The site of the Crater in which the Meteor struck is located in Limgrave just a little west from that of the Fort Haight West Site of Grace. The Crater is huge and several Rocks appear to float over it.

What was the location of the meteor that struck immediately following Radahn?

The falling star is spotted in the east of Limgrave
The hole made from the fallen star is found in the Eastern region of Limgrave located in the southern portion of the woodland area. The most efficient way to get through this hole is to go through either the Site of Grace to the east or the one in the church in the north.

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