All Scarlet Nexus Musubi codes for the anime TV tie-in

Scarlet Nexus Musubi codes


Bandai Namco has added Scarlet Nexus Musubi TV codes to connect the anime series to the game, offering dedicated game fans the an opportunity to unlock exclusive cosmetics for the main characters and their companions.

The quest to crack codes begins as a re-run of an earlier side-quest, but there’s not a way for you to hack the system. It’s your responsibility to follow every episode to decipher the hidden message or check the Scarlet Nexus Codes list.

What are Scarlet Nexus Musubi’s codes?

Scarlet Nexus codes are handed out during the Scarlet Nexus anime, and in the event that the name doesn’t already exist, offered as a prize, you can redeem the codes at Musubi’s. 

It’s a part of an optional side quest that can begin once Musubi’s is open as a place to travel fast in the game. each code unlocks a specific accessory for Yutio, Kasane, or an individual from their OSF team.

The codes are typically presented in short phrases or sentences that are connected to the story of Musubi’s journalist buddy. They’re case-sensitive, but don’t wiggle around with random punctuation, as some codes do.

Scarlet Nexus Musubi codes

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How can I redeem the Scarlet Nexus Musubi code?

You’ll receive an Brain Message from Musubi as soon as the area opens during the initial Standby Phase. Explore the area, and then speak with Musubi to begin the quest.

The first code is a guide that hints at getting the code, but if it doesn’t seem interested in tackling that then skip over to our code list prior to.

After you have given Musubi an initial key code, she are able to converse with her again and select a file to redeem a password. 

However, you’ll only be able to redeem codes once the appropriate episode of the show airs. Even if you’ve got the code prior to when it is due, Musubi won’t give you the option of redeeming it.

Scarlet Nexus anime: Where to go to watch

The Scarlet Nexus series will be airing on Funimation beginning July 1st. You can watch the first episode as well as episode 2 at no cost on the Funimation YouTube channel, but.

Scarlet Nexus TV codes

Here are the most current scarlet Nexus Musubi code. We’ll keep you updated as new codes are made available.

Code Reward
CODE $1,000 cash
What a liar! Yuito poster vision
Be honest Hanabi poster vision
5150 Gemma poster vision, special mission pay bonus
2009 OSF Armband vision
NEVER FORGET Luka poster vision
Which? Kasane poster vision, 1 Bond Assist, 1 Attack Damage Suppression
Hero Tsugumi poster vision
October 4th Arashi poster vision
Lokusho Contraband vision 1 Bond Assist 1 attack damage suppression
Hospital Shiden poster vision

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the musubi code?

Musubi Coupons unlock different cosmetics and other rewards. These is the code, what you can expect and where you can redeem the codes. Musubi Codes from Scarlet Nexus can be used to redeem exclusive rewards like characters and items. They can be used by visiting Musubi’s Restaurant at Standby Phases.

Where can I get the musubi code?

Musubi Codes are the codes you can offer the character Musubi by going to her store. You will be able to access her shop beginning in Phase 2 of the game. The codes can be located within Scarlet Nexus’ anime so you’ll need to watch them to locate the codes.

How do you utilize the code on Nexus?

What is the best way to redeem your codes within Scarlet Nexus. You’ll be directed to a place called “Musubi’s” during Phase 2 of the Scarlet Nexus story. Musubi will send you a Brain Message that contains your first code. It will instruct you to locate her and redeem the code. You can then go to the restaurant with your map of the world.

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