How to get new skins in Genshin Impact – Ningguang’s skin and more

new skins in Genshin Impact


Tivat has almost as many characters as the constellations in our sky. However, Genshin Impact skins in Genshin Impact are more difficult to find.

These are for entertainment and do not affect the character’s performance in battle. In most cases, however, you will also have to pay some Genesis Crystals, which is real-life money.

Genshin Impact: How to get new skins?

MiHoYo releases new skins according to a certain pattern. These skins are usually released around seasonal events such as the 2021 Midsummer Island Adventure or the 2022 rerun of The Lantern Rite Festival. 

You can earn some skins (e.g. Ningguang’s new dress) by completing certain events. These skins can then be purchased in the character costumes section of the in-game shop.

new skins in Genshin Impact

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How to get Ningguang Skin in Genshin Impact?

Ningguang got a new skin in Version 2.4, but it isn’t available yet. Ningguang’s Orchid Evening gown is only available to those who complete the Moon’s Comely Brow event during Lantern Rite. 

The event will end, but you can still purchase the dress in the in-game store for 1,680 Genesis Crystals, or roughly $17 worth.

How to get Keqing skin at Genshin Impact?

Keqing has also got a new outfit: the Opulent Splendor dress. The Opulent Splendor dress is now available in the game shop at a reduced price of 1,350 Genesis Crystals. As the Lantern Rite festival ends, the price will rise to 1,680 crystals.

Additional character skins available in Genshin Impact

Jean and Barbara each have an alternate outfit, which can be purchased for 1,680 Genesis Crystals at the in-game shop.

We might see more alternatives in the future, as miHoYo tries to conform to Chinese regulations that require characters to be presented in certain ways.

Version 2.5 will bring the first of these changes, and should be available in mid-February. They will be available for free to everyone.

Anyone not playing on Chinese servers can choose to change their outfits or keep their existing ones. Some preliminary concept art was published by miHoYo.

It features new skins for Jean, Mona, and Amber as well as Rosaria’s new outfits. However, it is not yet known if other characters will get new outfits.

You can check our guides for the two new characters, Yun Jin and Shenhe if you are just starting to get up to date with the Genshin Impact updates. Enkanomiya is a new area that you can explore. There are already leaks about the 2.5 updates.

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new skins in Genshin Impact FAQ

Are there new outfits for Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact 2.6 updates adds four new outfits to Jean Rosaria Amber and Mona. To switch outfits, players must access the Character Outfit Store, provided they have the characters.

Are there skins in Genshin Impact?

Skin System is a new feature in Genshin Impact. This guide includes possible costumes, skin lists of characters and outfits, as well as how to unlock them.

Which character will be next in Genshin Impact’s next chapter?

Yelan, Kuki Shinobu were the latest characters to be added in Genshin Impact 2.7. We also know that Heizou will be coming in the next patch. A few datamined details and leaks are available about new faces that could appear in future Genshin Impact update.

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