Treasure Lost, Treasure Found Quest Guide – Jade Plates & Final Ruin

Treasure Found Quest Information

The Guili Plains are a great place to look. central Liyue In central Liyue, you will discover Soraya researcher as well as her Treasure Lost, Treasure Found quest.

Contrary to many missions within Genshin Impact, you’re required to conduct your own research and locate the stone tablets or Jade Plates that have only a vague map marker or none even.

Genshin Impact Genshin Impact Lost, Treasure Found | Stone Tablet locations

After having spoken to Soraya After speaking with Soraya, your focus shifts to the near Guili Assembly to search for five stone tablets from the past.

This first tablet lies to North of area and overlooks the cliff’s edge, and is surrounded by red leaves.

Then, to the westernmost part of the quest zone there’s another stone tablet.

Continue to circle until you see another tablet of stone, which is surrounded by plants on the south-west corner.

In central part of the circle toward the south, you’ll find an additional stone tablet. It’s flanked by torches.

The final stone tablet is located a bit further away from the other ruin in the southeast corner of the quest circle, which is in the center of a stone circle.

When you’re finished the quest, ensure that you blow out the barrel that’s exploding in middle of the room that will open the secret chamber that grants players access to Share Not Your Treasures quest.

For more information, contact Soraya again , and she’ll guide you towards two stone tablets that lie to the west and east of the spot you are.

Treasure Found Quest

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The good news is that these markers come with particular markers.

The first is protected by Hillichurls.

The second is an abandoned building, protected by a variety of enemies.

Once you’re finished, go back to Soraya She’ll end the first portion of the quest. She’ll request that you meet her in the north of Wangshu Inn. There’s a sign that she’s close to the location of the teleport.

Genshin Impact Genshin Impact Lost, Treasure Found | Jade Plate locations

Contact Soraya on the phone at Wanshu Inn and she’ll fill in the details about Treasure Lost, Treasure Found. Treasure Lost, Treasure Found quest.

From your perch to the hotel, she’ll take you four Jade Plates on the plains south of the inn.

If you slide over there, you’ll be able get an understanding of what you’re searching for: a stone-carved circle, which is the shape of a Jade Plate.

Take on the slimes at the beginning of the Jade Plate and activate the structure.

The four corners of the Guili Plains there are three triangular black blocks in the topography. There’s a place to discover The Jade Plates.

Second Jade Plate is on the east coast, right below the area that says Guili Plains on the map and is bordered by Treasure Hunters.

Where can I find the last plate within Genshin Impact Treasure Lost, Treasure Found

To find the last plate, go back to the site of the destroyed Guili Assembly you first visited.

To the north of that region is an unlit line in the top map. There’s a water-filled pit, lots of golems and the final Jade Plate.

When you activate it, the golems will spring into action to guard your prize. Take them down with whatever you can, and the water will run out.

Then, with the cash safe inside your wallets, head back again to Soraya and she will finish the quest to get the ultimate reward, Primogems and Adventure Level and XP.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Treasure Lost, Treasure Found quest?

To complete your way to the Treasure Lost, Treasure Found quest, you need to talk to Soraya, the scholar outside of Guili Assembly. Guili Meeting within the Guili Plains.

What is the best way to complete your Treasure Lost, Treasure Found in the world quest of Genshin Impact?

Begin the quest by speaking with Soraya in the vicinity of the ruin located in Guili Plains.

  1. Visit the Guili Assembly to search for an ancient stone tablet (0/5) Get a transcription from an unfinished ruin, x5.
  2. Talk to Soraya.
  3. Look for stones tablets (0/2) Find the transcription in an unfinished ruin x2.
  4. Talk to Soraya.

How do you finish the treasure hunt of Genshin impact?


  1. Chat with Kaeya at the location of the meeting.
  2. Visit The Adventurer’s Guild and listen to their news report.
  3. Report to Kaeya.
  4. Make contact with the person in charge at the specified place.
  5. Stop the attackers in the fight against the informant.
  6. Discover the solution (Go there to Kaeya in Kaeya’s office at Knights of Favonius HQ for clues)

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