Valheim cheats: how to enable console commands, use creative mode, spawn items, and more

Valheim cheats Information


Valheim cheats like many other survival games provide players with an option to play with a console.

from which you can input various commands and cheats that let you influence almost every aspect in the game.

This includes everything from the teleportation god mode and even item spawning. We’ve got you covered.

Valheim cheats, console commands and the list will teach you how to utilize your console to get cheat codes as well as a description of each console option available. 

We’ve also explained every single command to spawn an item that we have found to be present in Valheim.

How do I utilize Valheim console? Valheim console (post-patch)

For Valheim version 0.148.6 and up The console is not available in default. To connect to the console, first open the Steam library, then right-click Valheim and choose properties. 

Inside the Launch Options box at the bottom, type “-console”. Close the window, and then launch Valheim.

You’ll see that you are able to use the console. To launch your Valheim console, press the F5 key from your keyboard.

To allow cheating in Valheim enter “dev commands” (without quotes) into the console and press Enter. 

There will be a message pop up that reads “Cheats: True”. Following that, you’ll be able to make use of any of the following commands on the console as you wish.

If you’re playing on a server, you’ll have to be an administrator in order to access the console. The Valheim dedicated server tutorial will help you learn how to accomplish this.

Certain console commands are able to be executed without having to type into “dev commands”, such as “save”, “ping” as well as “lobbies”. 

But to use the game-changing commands, you must enable cheats before you can use them. Let’s take a close review of all the cheats that you can make within Valheim. Valheim console.

Valheim cheats

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Valheim cheats and console commands list

Below is a complete listing of the most popular Valheim hacks as well as console-specific commands, categorized into distinct categories, such as multiplayer mode, creative mode the ability to teleport, and much more.

Basic Valheim cheats

  • development commands – Turns off accessibility to cheat commands by turning them off or on.
  • help Prints a list with possible commands.
  • save – Requires players to save.
  • Ping is a method of pinging the server. It displays the time delay in milliseconds.

Valheim cheats for creative mode and building

  • spawn [ItemName] [Amount]Level – Spawns the item. More info.
  • debug mode – Toggles Creative Mode on/off. More info.
  • god – Toggles God Mode on/off (invulnerable, one-hit-kill).
  • Ghost – toggle Ghost Mode off and on (enemies do not bother you).
  • freefly – Turns freefly’s drone camera view on/off.

Valheim console commands for multiplayer

  • kick [name/ip/userID kick [name/ip/userID] – – Kicks out the user or player off the server.
  • ban [name/ip/userID ban [name/ip/userID] – Blocks the specified participant from the servers.
  • unban [name/ip/userID unban [name/ip/userID] – Bans the specified player.
  • banned Prints a list with players who are banned on this particular server.

Valheim cheats for teleporting

  • Pos Prints the coordinates of your current location.
  • go to [x],[zor [x],[z] OR geto [x],[y],[z(or [x],[y],[z] Teleports you to the coordinates you specify.
  • location Sets a the location of spawning for the next time.

Valheim cheats for characters

  • heal heals you to full health.
  • puke Resets hunger/fullness and returns you to your the default level of Health/Stamina.
  • raiseskill [skill] (amount(skill) [amount] Increases the level of skill by a specified amount.
  • resetskill [skill[skill – Sets the specified skill level to zero.
  • resetcharacter Resets your character’s inventory and skills.
  • hair Removes permanently hair permanently.
  • beard Removes permanently your beard permanently.
  • model [0-1 model [0-1 Changes the character model from feminine to masculine.

Valheim cheats for the world

  • explore map and Explores the entire map, eliminating all the fog of conflict.
  • resetmap Resets map exploration and clears ALL previous areas that were explored.
  • wind [angle 1-360] [intensity 1-1(intensity 0-1). – Sets the wind to a specified intensity/angle.
  • resetwind – resets the wind to its default setting.

Valheim cheats for time

  • tod [0-1tod [0-1] Sets the time of the day. The numbers 0 and 1 represent midnight. 0.5 is noon.
  • Tod 1 – Resets the time of day to the default.
  • skip time [seconds skip time [seconds] Skips forward changing day’s date and the time of day.
  • sleep skips ahead for a day.

Valheim cheats for enemies

  • Killall is a killall that eliminates enemies in the vicinity.
  • Tame – Tames all close beasts that are tameable.
  • remove drops – Eliminates all items droplets that are close by.

Valheim cheats for events

  • event name – Begins the event specified, e.g. “event wolves”.
  • stop event – Stops the current event.
  • random event Starts an unplanned event.

Valheim misc cheats

  • players [numbernumber set the difficulty scale depending on the number of participants. 1 player = no. 0 resets.
  • smooth (0-1) – Sets the smoothing of the camera freely.
  • setkey [namekey Sets a new global key.
  • reset keys [nameResets the key specified resets the key.
  • list-keys Lists all keys globally.
  • env [env] – Sets debug environment.
  • reset – Resets debug environment.
  • dpsdebug – Toggles damage-per-second debug overlay on/off.
  • information Prints information about the system (render threading mode, threading type and allocated memory).
  • lodbias [0-5 lodbias [0-5 sets draw distance. If the number is left blank, print the current draw distance.

Valheim Creative Mode controls

To enable Creative Mode in Valheim you need to type “debug mode” (without the quotes) into the console. It is necessary to enable cheats by typing “dev commands” first.

When you’ve got Creative Mode enabled, you can:

  • Click “Z” to toggle Flying Mode;
  • Press “K” to kill all close enemies;
  • Click “B” to toggle No Placement Cost Mode.

With the No Placement Cost feature, you can repair your equipment and tools without the need of the Workbench. You can also create anything within the game for no cost!

This creates Creative Mode a much more user-friendly method of creating items, as opposed to the more difficult “spawn” command (covered below).

Valheim Spawn Item list

To make an item spawn in Valheim you must type “spawn” without the quotes into the console. This is followed by the kind of object you wish to be spawned, and finally the amount, and then what level you want to spawn, in the event that it is appropriate.

For instance, if you typed in ” spawn Boar 5 3″ and then 5 Boars would be spawned in your direction, each of them being at least level three (2-star).

Alternately you could type ” spawn Coins 100″ Then 100 coins would be thrown up upon the flooring in the front of me.

Below is a complete listing of all the items/entities you can access using the spawn command in Valheim. I highly suggest you do a search (Ctrl+F) to find the item you’re searching for.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you cheat on items in Valheim?

Utilizing this cheating code “spawn” [item][quantity]together in conjunction with Valheim spawn items list You can make any item from the game appear before you, such as you can spawn Coins 50 to gain 50 coins, or the spawn of Goblin 3 2 to get three Goblins at level 2.

How can you cheat to win Valheim 2022?

Although it is a survival games, Valheim cheats are plentiful.
You can enter debug mode into the console to turn on this mode that allows you to:

  1. Click “B” to switch off the building (no resources or workstations required).
  2. Use the “Z” to switch between flying. Spacebar press to fly up, Ctrl to fly down.
  3. Hit “K” to eliminate all enemies in the vicinity.

Are cheats blocked in Valheim?

It’s not because Valheim console commands don’t work. Valheim console commands aren’t working It’s that the developers have altered how the system operates. In the most recent patch notes they’ve provided all the details. They’ve actually removed the console from default which means you’ll need to enable it again. Furthermore to this,”cheat” is a command that has changed “cheat” command has been changed.

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