Riot will buff Valorant’s Phoenix and Cypher, per Reddit AMA

About the Riot will buff Valorant’s Phoenix


buff Valorant’s Phoenix Riot Games recently had a few of their members conduct an AMA over Reddit to discuss everything to do with Agents and game balancing. 

The Valorant’s Character Team met together to answer questions from players and provide interesting insight into the future of the game.

The most interesting news from Reddit is about Phoenix and Cypher. The pair, who are two of the oldest Agents in this game, is admittedly weaker than their younger counterparts. Let’s face it, Phoenix is no longer a viable option.

John Goscicki, the character producer, answered a question about plans to buff Phoenix. He said that while “upfront”, he did confirm that Phoenix is being developed, but that it was too early to discuss details.

Moscicki says, “Right now we want to take time to explore all between number tweaks and to something more.” We don’t have a firm ETA, so we will take our time to find the best long-term place for Phoenix.

Riot will buff Valorant’s Phoenix

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It seems like we may be waiting a while until Phoenix gets some much-needed TLC. And it appears the same goes for Cypher.

“Cypher [is in a similar position to Phoenix] Jay Watford, agent designer, says that although we aren’t ready to share dates or details, Cypher is on our radar.

These questions arise in light of the fact Phoenix and Cypher were somewhat replaced by new faces. It’s clear that the Valorant meta has been transformed by the introduction of Fade in Episode 4 Act 3. A Sova nerfs and an upcoming Chamber buff.

Although Cypher and Phoenix have less to offer than their counterparts as agents, players have long requested a buff. It’s likely that many players will be happy to hear that agents will soon receive a buff.

At the moment, there are multiple character classes available in Valorant. There are Dualists and Controllers as well as Sentinels and Initiators. One user wanted to know if the character team had any plans to introduce a new class for Valorant.

Jay Watford says, “We are open to looking for new classes in Valorant. But we want to ensure that those classes are both fit for the game and add to the tactical space in unique ways.

If/when an Agent expands the possibilities and checks those boxes, then we don’t want them being restricted to fit in with the existing classes.”

Jay ends by asking, “What classes would you like to explore in the game?” This led to suggestions from people about infiltrators and other supporting classes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Phoenix going to get buff Valorant?

Riot Games finally confirmed that massive Phoenix fans are coming to the game, after months of complaints.

Is Phoenix meta Valorant?

Phoenix. Phoenix, with Neon buff, is the weakest duelist currently in meta. He is not popular in professional or ranked play, and doesn’t offer as much as the other duelists using his kit.

Why is Phoenix not a good Valorant?

Phoenix’s pick rate in Valorant is 1.2%, which is remarkable for a duelist. Phoenix is not picked on any of the five other duelists in Valorant. However, they all have an excellent map. His kit isn’t very special, and he may have been overlooked in the ranked games.

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