GTA San Andreas multiplayer mods continue to thrive in the age of GTA Online – but why?

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GTA San: Before Rockstar Games made an official online take on Los Santos in 2013, many PC gamers had been bringing chaos to San Andreas before that, thanks to modifications that were not short of ambition.

GTA veterans may be familiar with – or still play– highly successful mods like San Andreas Multiplayer and Multi Theft Auto . They’re still going strong despite all odds.

Last year, almost 4,000 SA-MP servers were online, with 25k-40k players on average. MTA currently has around 25k players on 1 246 public servers.

These numbers are even more surprising when you consider GTA Online is Rockstar’s official triple-A alternative.

It has been in operation for almost a decade and continues to grow with every major content update.

I joined SA-MP this month for research and because I felt nostalgic. Surprise, the numbers had not changed significantly since last year’s reports. 

Although I was not playing on the weekend, it was incredible to see RP and free-roam servers full of players refusing to leave for better pastures.

GTA San Andreas

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It’s clear why. There’s an inherent chaos in both SA-MP/MTA that can’t easily be replicated online with an official Grand Theft Auto experience. 

We are all familiar with fan-made modifications that can become chaotic and massive – this happens in both single-player and online games.

San Andreas’ once vast open world has been a great playground for developers and gamers who don’t have much time.

SA-MP/MTA have been around for 15 years, but they are still far from being stable experiences. Mods are insecure.

network problems are frequent, and the overall quality of the experience greatly depends on which servers you choose. 

GTA San Andreas multiplayer mods

It’s difficult to find multiplayer mods as original as those created by a small group of modders, and literally everyone who wanted to help.

San Andreas may be full to the brim when it loads up a modified stunt server with custom assets. But 200 or 300! Players are having a blast crashing into one another.

learning new tricks. Although they may seem a bit slow, the performances are part of the fun.

SA-MP’s long-lasting success was also due to the fact that MTA and MTA developers encouraged and supported role-playing after the community set up servers with complex rulesets. 

You may be familiar with GTA Online’s modded RP servers. Streamers have made them very popular. Some players believe that the beginning is more important than the end.

We tried to get in touch with both SA-MP developers and MTA developers but they have not been responsive. 

The biggest minds behind these mods have passed away, and very few of the original developers (who probably have moved on with their jobs and lives) continue to improve code.

rework ideas with no end in view. The current state of both mods’ development shows that the work structure is not centralized. It’s actually quite efficient, which is surprising.

It is easy to join an official Discord server (there are many of them). You can chat with veterans and moderators who will help you find the right way. 

You’ll still find many dead ends if you dig too deeply. It’s funnier and more interesting to ask who is in charge. No one knows. I would say power to the people.

However, we can create a timeline that is fairly reliable for both mods. The revolutionary mod SA-MP was created from Vice City Multiplayer’s progress.

It was released in April 2005. After a public beta, the lead developer “kyeman”, later known as Kalcor, and his team continued work on San Andreas.

while another group of developers picked up VC–MP – although this modification was also successful, it was eventually overshadowed in some ways by the larger GTA.

Despite the challenges presented by San Andreas’ much larger world, SA-MP was built quite quickly. SA-MP was built on top VC-MP’s framework.

so a large part of the code was the exact same. Although the first playable release was released in May 2006, a stable version wasn’t available until June 20, 2007. 

The tools were available for modders to create new modes and servers, and SA-MP 0.2 was released.

While we are looking forward to GTA6, while burning down Los Santos in GTA Online to earn millions of ebucks, we should not forget the series’ unofficial multiplayer history. 

It’s clear that Rockstar has learned a lot from this experience, as can be seen by some of the more playful modes over the years. The studio may also continue to grow, with the scene looking healthier and happier than ever in 2022.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download GTA San Andreas from my computer?

You can download the game from Google Play Store, but GTA San Andreas for Android is a paid application (priced at Rs 182) with a file size up to 2.6GB. Make sure you pay for the app, and that you have enough storage space to install it. The game runs on Android 7.0 or higher phones.

GTA San Andreas is it free?

A Game Pass subscription is required. Microsoft charges US$1 per month for a trial. Microsoft doesn’t claim that GTA San Andreas can be installed via Game Pass. Go to The Definitive Edition’s website, scroll down to the San Andreas listing, and click on the link to download the game.

Is GTA San Andreas 4th?

Grand Theft Auto IV was a 2008 action-adventure video game that Rockstar North developed and published. This is the sixth major entry in the Grand Theft Auto Series, after 2004’s Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and the eleventh overall.

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