What are the best Arcane build and weapons in Elden Ring?

the best Arcane build Introduction


In the vast expanse across The Lands Between, most agree that Bleed is among the most devastating afflictions found in Elden Ring. 

Since it is known that the Arcane scaling issue is resolved and players have put together some seriously OP Arcane.

as well as Dexterity designs which will cause massive quantities of Bleed-related damage on their adversaries.

Arcane and Dexterity are like jam and peanut butter however, in this instance the jelly is disgusting and sticky blood.

What is the most effective Dexterity/Arcane build in the Elden Ring?

There’s something extremely satisfying about cutting away at your opponent and watching Bleed wreck destruction on their HP bar. But, as you could imagine with each OP weapon or builds comes a bit of issue that may be giving the gameplay too simple.

There’s a chance you’ll be in difficult terrain with this model, as some battles can be difficult regardless of the damage you can do. In this Arcane/Dexterity Bleed building guide, I’ve highlighted a number of choices you have with regards to weapons, talismans, as well as your equipment.

This allows you to test which weapons you’re most fun with. And should you decide that the Rivers of Blood katana is too cute for you There are plenty of other options to build a fun, effective Bleed-based build.

the best Arcane build

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Statistics and classes for the most effective Dexterity/Arcane build in the Elden Ring

If you want to build a killer Bleed with a ton of damage you’ll need to concentrate on adding levels to dexterity, Arcane as well as Vigor. You can also put certain levels in endurance.

Arcane will be the main ingredient in this model. The weapons you use will grow according to it, and you’ll make use of it to collect and cast Incantations also. 

Arcane can also be an impressive stat to keep in mind in addition to the Bleed builds you can make and also due to the fact that it boosts your Discovery. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re just playing about with the build to prepare for your first attempt or even in New Game+, you’ll discover more rare items when you battle enemies.

Dexterity is an offensive statistic focused on and swift movements instead of sheer strength. Since you’ll be using a pole or katana and practicing your jumps and inflicting bleeding on anything you touch.

you’re likely to require lots of Dexterity to aid in this. This also helps you avoid getting smashed out of your horse foes.

Vitality is essential to any build built-in Elden Ring. There’s nothing more frustrating than facing someone who’s quick to shoot you. 

This build will typically be in close proximity to your adversaries which is why you’ll require more vigor in order to counter the chance that you will, in fact, happen to be struck.

If you are starting out I suggest you choose Samurai or Bandit. Samurai. A Bandit is a great option due to their initial statistics – they are more powerful and have greater Arcane.

Dex stats above all others. The other way around the Samurai will see you start out with the Uchigatana right away, and the high Dex stat, and additional points in endurance.

You should also be able to keep lots of Mental capacity when you build this set to make maximum use of the overpowered Ashes of War and magic.

When you are approaching the end of your game or perhaps even get beyond it, the numbers you need to be targeting are (assuming you start Bandit or change to Larval Tear):

  • Vigor: 35
  • Mind: 30
  • Endurance: 30
  • Strength: 12
  • Dexterity: 50
  • Intelligence: 9
  • Faith: 23
  • Arcane: 45

We need to improve our Dexterity and Arcane whenever we can and have sufficient Vigor, Mind and endurance to help us with the melee attack, rapid movements.

the power needed from our weapon skills and incantations. The goal should be to place points into each of these categories, with a focus on Vigor, Arcane, and Dexterity.

Naturally, nobody is expecting that you will play all the way through with 150+ levels Elden Ring’s final game is achievable at levels 120-150. 

Spread your stats as you like keeping the above numbers in mind. You can utilize the above figures as your ultimate goal to target.

Weapons to build the most effective Arcane/Dexterity build in Elden Ring

The build is centered on using Arcane or Dex to inflict bleeding There are a variety of options to choose from including Elden Ring’s top weapons and they all are stunningly awesome. 

Also, you’ll require the Sacred Seal alongside whatever weapon you use, in order that you can use Incantations while fighting.

It’s not essential to utilize Incantations every day you could have an instrument and seal at one hand or switch to dual-wielding as well as making use of Incantations.

  • Dragon Communion Seal – With the majority of the incantations, this build has been dragon-themed the seal is the one to use because it boosts the dragon communion incantations by 15 percent. Additionally, it increases the number of status effects triggered through spells and it can be used in conjunction when combined with Arcane.
  • Rivers of Blood the Rivers of Blood katana is one of my favorite katanas thanks to its ability – Corpse Piler – which is a repeat slash attack that can cause an enormous Bleed building on your opponents. It is available by taking out Bloody Finger Okina outside the Church of Repose in the southeast of the Mountaintops of the Giants.
  • Blood Uchigatana If you’re beginning as a Samurai You’ll have the Uchigatana but it is also easily obtained from the Deathtouched Catacombs located in Limgrave. The Uchigatana can cause Bleed accumulation passively, but when you combine it with a Bleed Ash of War like Bloody Slash, it’ll cause additional blood loss.
  • Godkin Peeler The Godskin Peeler needs to be sized with Dexterity to be effective in this build and needs a bit of power to use (Radagon’s Soreseal can help in the event of a need) It is likely that it will be the second highest-ranked weapon following Rivers of Blood for me. The twin-blade isn’t causing Bleed at first, but it is perhaps one of the strongest weapons available because of its power, Black Flame Tornado, and is infused with Blood Ash of War.
  • Eleonora’s Poleblade – This twin blade puts on a great performance, you can be sure of that. Through its skill, Bloodblade Dance, you can launch a tornado-like assault of slashes, and inflict a lot in Bleed-related damage. The downside is that it cannot be mixed with Ash of War, but it’s still an excellent option due to its unique attacks, including Bleed or Fire damages, as well as the ability to stagger opponents.
  • Blood Nagakiba Similar to the Uchigatana The Nagakiba is made more potent when infused with blood Ash of War. It can cause bleeding by itself, but when infused with the use of Ash of War, this will be increased. If you’re using the Uchigatana This is an excellent choice for a dual-wield.
  • Serpent God’s Blood Curved Sword It’s the last of the weapons because it’s the only weapon I’d opt for, but if dedicated to a more intense difficult task and has extra points to be applied towards Strength then the Serpent God’s Blood Curved Sword might be a good choice for you. It can be adapted to Dexterity and Strength. So when your Strength and Dex numbers are low the weapon isn’t something you should be concerned with. When it is infused with Blood Ash of War and upgraded but not upgraded it is possible to scale the weapon by Arcane.
  • Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear – This is most likely better suited to a New Game Plus run, since it is obtained through the exchange of Mohg’s Remembrance after beating The Lord of Blood however it’s a great weapon in any way. The spear can deal fire and normal damage, it has a good chance of hitting critical targets and is equipped with a powerful skill called Bloodborne Ritual. The skill is able to stab three times and causes blood explosions. It then covers the weapon with Bloodflame and can cause damage to enemies who are in the walls.

Ash of War for the most effective Dexterity/Arcane build. Elden Ring

It wouldn’t be a Bleed build without including different Ashes of Warthat’ll enhance the Bleed buildup generated by your weapons. There are several possible options to pick from that could use on katanas spears and many swords.

Infusing a weapon with any of the listed Blood Ashes of War, keep in mind the fact that once an item is infused with been infused with the Blood affinity, it will then scale by using Arcane most often. Other scaling types will be reduced!

  • Ash of War: Bloody Slash – The Bloody Slash Ash of War allows you to coat your weapon with blood prior to making a bloody slash at opponents. It’s a unique Ash of War that has short to medium range AoE however it is capable of dealing quite high damage when played at an earlier level. I would suggest shifting towards Blood Blade as well as Seppuku to advance into Elden Ring, however.
  • Ash of War: Blood Blade – When you use the Ash of War, you are wounding yourself, thereby coating your weapon in blood. A blood blade is fired at your opponent, causing the build-up of blood, and it is a weapon that can be repeatedly used to cause devastating damage. Bloody Slash may deal more damage than this and may confuse, however, Blood Blade will cause more Bleed build-up over the course.
  • Ash of War: Seppuku Seppuku is possibly one of the most popular choices for Bleed builds If you’ve witnessed someone repeatedly stab themselves during a fight or PvP match that’s why. With Seppuku, players will dip their weapon in themselves, saturating it with blood, and you’ll also lose some HP. This can greatly boost the strength of your attack as well as your ability to cause Bleed build-up over as long as 60 seconds.

Talismans to ensure the highest Dexterity/Arcane build in the Elden Ring

Talismans as well as the ones you choose to equip are typically based on a specific situation. When you’re using the Bleed build There are a few of Talismans that are significantly superior to others and some you may prefer to have for the very rare time you’ll need these.

  • Lord of blood’s exultation The Lord of Blood’s Exultation is the talisman you must have on hand all the time you run this build. Lord of Blood’s Exultation can increase the power of your attack by 20 20% for 20 seconds every time an opponent or player nearby is struck with Bleed. Since this build is based on bleeding and stacking up as many as you can, you’re bound to be in the vicinity of losing blood frequently.
  • The Radagon’s Soreseal The magic talisman can greatly boost your strength and Dexterity, Endurance and Strength, however at the expense of getting 10 percent more physical injury from your enemies. With many HP flasks available, this shouldn’t be too big of a problem.
  • Radon Icon – This talisman is in the clutch the majority of the time because it can cut down on the time required to cast spells. If you are certain that you’re likely to spam your Incantations during a difficult fight, you should equip this.
  • Marika’s Soreseal Marika’s Soreseal is similar to the Radagon Soreseal and affects different stats. The talisman increases Mind and Intelligence Faith as well as Arcane by +1, but it also allows you to take 15 percent more damage from enemies. I would not recommend using both Soreseals at the same time, however in the event that you’re low in points to Faith and you’re keen on using Ekzyke’s Decay (mentioned below) This could be an option.
  • the Rotten Winged Sword Insignia – The Rotten Winged Sword Insignia raises your attack strength with each attack and is therefore essential in this game in which you’ll be playing offensively with your weapon most often. This is an upgrade to that Winged Sword Insignia talisman and is something you can also apply if you’ve not taken the version with the Rotten design as of yet.
  • Claw Talisman – The Claw Talisman is simple; it boosts jump attack. This particular build I noticed myself jumping and slashing my enemies frequently. Thus, this talisman helped to make the jumps somewhat more potent.
  • Shard of Alexander – The Shard of Alexander talisman will dramatically increase the strength of your abilities, and should you be using a weapon like that of the Rivers of Blood katana (with the ability of Corpse Piler) This talisman can increase its power to make it more potent. The Shard of Alexander talisman doesn’t have to be stronger that it is already.

Magic to build the most effective Dexterity/Arcane build in the Elden Ring

While you’ll probably be focusing on using your weapons to do the destruction of enemies and win them over however, magic is equally important. When you’re able to plunge your points into Arcane There are some Incantations you’ll find helpful for this build, particularly Dragon Incantations.

To buy dragon Incantations as well as unlocking new versions, you’ll have to take on the task of slaying dragons, finding their hearts, and then visiting both the Church as well as the Cathedral of Dragon Communion. We’ll explain where to locate the various dragons on this page.

  • The Decay of Ekzyke I love this because you can almost transform into a dragon for a short time. Almost. Ekzyke’s Decay summons dragons that breathe the rotting of scarlet at people. It deals physical damage, magical damage and scarlet rot therefore you won’t be able to go wrong using it. It is also possible to utilize Rotten Breath to achieve the same result If you do not want to pour the same amount of points in Faith.
  • A swarm of Flies This spell can unleash blood flies in a swarm at the target, causing lots of bleeding build-up. It can be fired at a group of people before slaying the swarm with a weapon and reverse.
  • Grell’s Rar If you’ve got Radagon’s Seal on your weapon, pairing that with the Incantation could be beneficial. Grell’s Roar is a weapon you can use against enemies to deter them, decrease their attack power by approximately 20 percent, as well as boost your own power of attack also.
  • Bloodborne – This spell, which is also part of Mohg’s Remembrance is a slashing blood slash that ignites the ground and inflicts two rounds of destruction and continues to hurt anyone who stands in the burning flames.

Get the right equipment for the most effective Dexterity/Arcane build. Elden Ring

The armor isn’t that significant (for the most part) for Elden Ring. Therefore, if you’re able to roll and have an adequate amount of protection for your back,

you’ll be able to look as stylish as you’d prefer. There are a few options for armor pieces that can enhance your power of attack and Bleed build-up.

  • White Mask– I know that armor is up to you and this headpiece could be the only thing I’d recommend that you have to build a Bleed-based build. Varre’s Mask is available by taking on him (well an opponent taking his appearance) as an Invader at Mohgwyn Palace. The mask will increase the power of your attack whenever there is blood loss within the vicinity.
  • Royal Remains Set This set is named simply because I think certainly some of the pieces are cool looking with this design as well as its passive capability could be useful too. Armors can be used to regenerate HP when you have a lower HP although I haven’t realized this, but once again the greaves and gauntlets are particularly attractive when paired in conjunction with the Raptor’s Black Feathers. The set can be purchased at Roundtable Hold after fighting with Invader, Ensha of the Royal Remains.
  • The Black Feathers of Raptor This piece can enhance your leaping abilities. It is found in the Sage’s Cave, in the shadow of an unrealized wall.

To learn more about Elden Ring builds, take an interest in the Intelligence building as well as the strength building. In addition, we offer an entire guide to The Lands Between in our Elden Ring walkthrough.

the best Arcane build and weapons in Elden Ring

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the top weapon for arcane?

Best Arcane Weapons to Use in Elden Ring

  • Ripple Blade. Ripple Blade statistics. 
  • “Morgott’s Cursed Sword. The Morgott’s Cursed Sword stats. 
  • Reduvia. Reduvia Stats. 
  • Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear. Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear Stats. 
  • Rivers of Blood. Rivers of Blood Stats. 
  • Eleonora’s Poleblade. The Eleonora’s Poleblade Stats. 
  • Varre’s Bouquet. 
  • Dragon Communion Seal.

What is my arcane? Elden Ring?

Stats and classes to get the most effective Dexterity/Arcane builds within the Elden Ring. If you want a sexy Bleed build that has a lot of damage, it’s best to put the majority of your leveling into Arcane, Dexterity, and Vigor. Also, you should put the right amount of levels to Endurance. Arcane will be the mainstay of this build.

Which weapons work best with arcane?

These are the top 10 weapons which scale with arcane can be found in Elden Ring.
These are the top 10 Arcane weaponry for scaling in Elden Ring.

  1. Rivers of Blood Katana.
  2. Dragon Communion Seal. 
  3. Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear. 
  4. Marias Executioner’s Sword. 
  5. Elenora’s Poleblade. ..

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