Ghost of Tsushima Shrine in Shadow | How to get Shadow of the Colossus Armor

Tsushima Shrine in Shadow


The Ghost of Tsushima Shrine in Shadow is one of the Director’s cut’s three Wind Shrines that are brand new.

These shrines contain Ghost of Tsushima’s PlayStation-themed Easter eggs armor. The Shadow of the Colossus armor in the Shrine in Shadow however only if you’ve made progress enough in order to obtain it.

Ghost from Tsushima Shrine within Shadow Shrine in Shadow Shrine in Shadow Location

Shrine in Shadow Shrine located in Shadow is located near the coast of Iki Island’s southern part close to the Buddha’s Footprints marker on the map. 

A ground mat and a candle signify the entrance of the shrine, but you’ll need to go climbing in order to reach it.

The Shrine in Shadow’s puzzle

Stone is not a season. nor the giant that was cut down to save a soul. Wanderer, enter like a mist, like ghosts that cast no shadow.

Tsushima Shrine in Shadow

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Ghost of Tsushima Shrine in Shadow How to obtain Ghost Armor

Jin receives Ghost Armor automatically, but it’s not until quite late when the game is in its final stages. 

It’s him after you start with the From the Darkness story mission in the middle of Act 2 of Ghost of Tsushima Act 2. If you’re not there Don’t worry about The Shrine in Shadow as of now.

The Ghost of Tsushima Shrine in Shadow | How do I get Shadow of Colossus armor

In the presence of Ghost Armor in hand, take a trip towards The Shrine of Shadow and equip the armor. In the shrine and they drop a smoke bomb to make the smoke surround Jin. 

This triggers a cutscene and will reward you with The Mask of the Colossus and Armor of the Colossus, the latter being an alternative skin to Jin’s Ghost Armor.

If you’ve not yet explored The Blood Stained Shrineor Shrine of Ash there’s a place to find your Bloodborne armor set as well as the God of War armor respectively.

The challenges for shrines are just one of the many aspects of the new Iki Island expansion. 

The Bokken Tournament Another grueling test of your abilities This is yet another grueling test, and here’s where you’ll locate every collectible cap, work kit, and Easter egg.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do with the shrine that is in the shadow?

In the presence of Ghost Armor in hand, go towards head to the Shrine of Shadow and equip the armor. The shrine is located in the middle then throw a smoke bomb , so that the smoke surrounds Jin. The result is a cutscene that gives you The Mask of the Colossus and Armor of the Colossus, the latter being an alternative skin for Jin’s Ghost Armor.

What is the solution to your mystery of the temple in the shadow of Tsushima?

A shrine within Shadow Solution

  1. Get behind the Statue.
  2. The Ghost Armor (Automatically gained in Act 2 of the Main Quest from the Darkness)
  3. Throw the smoke Bomb (hold R2 and down to select, then hit R1 in order to drop). If done correctly, it will cause the cutscene.

What are you doing when you visit Ash’s shrine at the ghost of Tsushima?

Put on the Sakai Clan armor, then take a seat before the altar. Draw your sword… and that’s it. A brief scene is played, and then Jin receives an item called the Helm of War, Spartan face mask as well as the Ghost of Sparta vestment for the Sakai Clan armor. Challenges to shrines are one of the many features of the brand new Iki Island expansion.

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